NFL is back!

NFL is back!

U Mad Bro?

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New 8tracks Mix

If you are unfamiliar with 8tracks, it is an AWESOME way to discover music. You can find playlists based on moods and genres. Or you can create your own my uploading music or sourcing it from Soundcloud or Overall, an excellent music platform. Enjoy!

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Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – Same Love

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – Same Love

Macklemore’s latest video dropped today and as usual, it’s another masterpiece.  “Same Love” is his song in support of marriage equality and this video is spot on to support the lyrics.

I am so proud of Seattle, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and everybody else involved.  However, I have to give a special shout out to my boy Jon for directing and producing this video.  From beginning to end, it truly tells a story and the cinematography really brings the viewer into that story.

Help approve Ref 74 in Washington – people should be allowed to love and marry whoever they want!

“I might not be the same, but that’s not important, no freedom ’til we equal, damn right I support it.”

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Calvin Harris – Flashback

Calvin Harris – Flashback

This is like a flashback, flashback!

We got home from an epic Vegas trip a week ago.  We spent 4 full days in the sun and one of the high points was definitely seeing Calvin Harris perform at Encore Beach Club (side note:  if you’ve never been to Beach Club, it’s a must for your next trip).  Calvin put on an incredible set that last for what seemed like hours.  He started his set with Bounce and of course he played all of his new hits, including Feel So Close.  However, one of the most memorable tracks was Flashback.  I will never forget the point in the song when he dropped the beat and the Cryo cannons went off for like 10 seconds straight.  It was unreal.

From now and forever, whenever I hear Flashback, it will instantly take me back to Vegas and EBC – to the 108 degrees, sun, flowing drinks, and non-stop smiles.  Thanks to Calvin for that memory!

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Keane – Silenced By The Night

Keane – Silenced By The Night

This is an awesome song!  Great vocals and riffs.  As with any song these days, you can readily track down a remixed party version, as well.  Thanks to Alesso for that version:

P.S.  My apologizes for the lack of posts – this wedding planning sh*t cray!

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Can Milli Has Cheezburger?! 

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Hardwell – Cobra

Hardwell – Cobra

Lucky 2012 is tonight in Seattle.  Unfortunately, I am not going.  However, if I was, this would be one of the tracks that I would be most excited to party to.  Gotta love the Dirty Dutch!

If you are going to Lucky, let me know who you’re most excited to see!  Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Manufactured Superstars, ATB, Porter Robinson – should be a crazy show!

This track just blasts and makes you want to go nuts.  It’s the official anthem of Energy 2012, one of Europe’s biggest festivals, so of course it’s going to go Hard.  Well, enough chatter, just listen.

(You see what I did there?  Hard.  Well.  Hardwell….)

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